Network Cabinets

In CAPITAL , We offer a wide variety of products in network cabinet. We ensure that it meets the demand of the buyer. In present scenario whether in business, institutions or for any other purposes, there is a large need for enhanced network reliability for the smooth functioning. CAPITAL focuses on this need of the customers and offers a wide range of items. YOU JUST NAME IT AND YOU GET IT HERE.

We are also the main distributors for Alston Systems Products

CAPITAL  provides you the optimized space utilization without compromising on the width and depth of the cabinet to accommodate the growing size. We in CAPITAL  ensure that there is an adequate room for airflow to the equipment that is placed in the cabinet.


Fiber optics plays an important role in component system and in network. We in CAPITAL ensure that the customer gets the best personalized service on EVERY occasion as we are the best market dealers of fiber optics application. We have an ample of dedicated professionals to meet the demand of our buyers in the best possible way.
CAPITAL  provides the wide range of products including fiber optic cable (indoor, outdoor, GEPON and FTTH) so on so forth, You will have to just name it to get it. We cover every necessities of our customers.


Cabling works as the nervous system of IT networking infrastructure and communication hence, the wiring used to connect all these devices must be of the best quality. We offer a complete solutions for your demands providing the variety in cable category.

Our structured cabling products includes UTP/ST cables, patch panels, installation tools, keystone modules, testing equipments and face plates etc., and any further demand, that will also be met at the earliest as we take the responsibility to ensure that our customers needs are prioritized.

Tools and testing

Software testing is the key component of uninterrupted and efficient working of the system. Timely test improves the consistency in the performance. Hence, our professionals make sure that you get the best assistance and satisfaction beyond your expectations.

We in CAPITAL adhere to give our customers the best experience of our service assisting them with Expertised range of networking tools and testing equipment. It is our agenda to see to it that our customers are satisfied with our service.


Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are power supplies that can switch over to a battery backup when power outages occur. Multiple devices can be plugged into a UPS similar to a power bar, and the UPS generally provides such functions as surge protection and noise filtering. When a drop in voltage occurs, the UPS detects it and switches over to battery backup.

Data centers is a facility that every organization is using to store, manage & disseminates its data using computing, IT operations & networking equipment. Data Centres are the dedicated space, which is very important for every industry for smooth running daily operational activities as it is a more extensive network of computer systems & hence deals with a considerable amount of data. So, any kind of interruption in power supply would be highly destructive for their work functions. Therefore in order to maintain its proper functionality, Online UPS plays a vital role.