Telecommunication System

Capital Information Technology System Est. has great experience in the telecommunication system division. Since the needs of this division are becoming more diverse and challenging, change is a necessity and successful execution of a project requires an assortment of skill and dedication.


We can help you bring fiber to the last mile—your subscriber. Our staff consists of experienced and certified specialists in different IT and Telecom areas, especially in broadband networks design and implementation.

Networking ISP/OSP

We install WiFi to streamline network access at hotspots and eliminate the need for users to find and authenticate a network each time they log on

Low Current

Networking system

We design primarily to support workstations, personal computers and, in some instances, older terminals that are connected on a local area network (LAN).

Structural cabling system

We are expert installers of all types of Structured Cabling Systems, also commonly referred to as network cabling, Ethernet cabling, twisted pair cabling, voice & data cabling, computer wiring and infrastructure cabling.

Cctv system

We install your complete surveillance solution for any type of business, residential or community scenario. TechPro Security Products designs and manufactures their own products.

Master clock

Master clocks can also differ in the source of their timing reference. It is a rare case for a master clock to be free-running and not synchronized, or at least compared with, an external reference continuously or regularly. So a core feature of all master clock systems is that they are accept precise timing references signals as inputs.

Nurse call system

This wireless attendant call system caters from a few beds to even over thousand beds. However whatever might be some underlying limitations of the signal range, it is overcome by repeaters. Signal range improves by, intermediate repeaters and boosters. Because of these boosters, no corner of the hospital can now remain in touched.

Access control system

Access control systems allow employers to restrict access to certain areas of their building, setting varying levels of security depending on individual employees' needs and clearances. These systems also track who has entered certain access points; you can see analytics on employees' movements and receive alerts on suspicious activity.

Fire alarm and security system

With our fully trained and experienced workforce, we have the capabilities to fulfill the complete system design and installation needs of our region for all sizes of fire alarm systems.We also work with building alarms, life safety alarms and security systems.

IP TV and audiovisual system

Make sharing content across your entire organisation simple with the help of IPTV, a system that enables TV and video content to be delivered to an unlimited number of output devices across many locations. Our Solutions are in use at lecture theatres, auditoria, training centre's and boardrooms. Similarly, our PA systems have installed building wide in various facilities across the Kingdom.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Is The Foundation For Your Network Infrastructure

Supporting mission critical systems and being able to quickly and cost-efficiently adapt to emerging technologies are critical functions of a well-built IT network infrastructure. Structured cabling installation is the backbone of a robust and adaptable structured cabling system.

Capital Information Technology System Est. specializes in voice, data, and fiber optic cabling and wireless LAN rollouts based on reliable, high-quality, standards-based cabling and network infrastructure components. Whether implementing a new or upgraded LAN or WLAN, or rolling out a new technology, having a network cabling system that is able to scale to accommodate bandwidth needs and easily integrate the latest technologies helps your business stay competitive, while reducing overall infrastructure costs.

Our expert team provides end-to-end structured cabling solutions for a variety of industries, from health care to retail. Whether one location or thousands, we’ve got you covered. Our work is done with minimal disruption. and we complete projects on time and within budget.​

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